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PhD Position at Ghent University in Philosophy and Moral Sciences, Belgium

Within the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences, Ghent University, there is a vacancy for a fully funded PhD position in the context of the FWO project, “The Metaphysics and Mathematics of Collisions”. It involves research into a significant seventeenth-century episode of the mathematization of nature. The project will focus on the intersection of philosophy, history, mathematics, and mechanics. The study should result in a doctoral thesis. From the first year contributions to international conferences are expected. The investigator is expected to publish research results regularly in international scientific journals. It is expected that the successful candidate will organize at least one international conference on their topic during the grant. During their research the successful applicant is expected to spend periods of residence at leading universities abroad. The researcher is expected to contribute to the vibrant intellectual community of the department, and s/he is committed to keep developing as…

PhD scholarship in Applied Economics by INRA, France

The reduction of the level of chemical inputs in agriculture is a priority for Europe. Farm advisory services are expected to be a major instrument for helping farmers to modify their practices accordingly. However, the recent trend of privatization of these services has resulted in new economic strategies for services suppliers that question their ability to fully meet this objective. When dealing with this issue, most of the researches focus the analysis on the transformation of the front-office activities of advisory services (i.e. the direct interactions between farmers and advisers). Thus, little attention is given to the changes that occur in back-office activities (i.e. R&D investments for backing up new technical solutions). Some preliminary results suggest that the privatization of farm advisory services modifies the ways evidence is produced and assessed in back-office; they suggest that it might result in a loss of robustness of new technical proposals….

Anne Westhues Teaching Scholarship at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 2011

Annual scholarship; established by friends and colleagues of Anne Westhues to celebrate her retirement and recognize her over 25 years of insipring and mentoring students in the Faculty of Social Work. Many of Anne’s former students contribue to Social Work practice and education that is a direct result of Anne’s collaborative, committed and caring teaching style -Granted to the PhD student in the Faculty of Social Work who has taught a minimum 2 courses, at any university, and has been assessed by the teaching evaluation tool at that university to be above the Faculty mean. – Candidates for this scholarship are responsible for submitting, with their application, copies of the teaching evaluation form. -Recipients are only eligible to receive this scholarship once in their lifetime….

George Melendez Wright Climate Change Fellowship Program 2012

The goals of this student fellowship program are to support new and innovative research relevant to managing climate change impacts in US National Parks, including transboundary issues and comparisons to Mexican or Canadian protected areas. Awards will be made in the range of $5,000 to $20,000 per fellowship for research to be undertaken in calendar years 2012-13. Projects may consist of exploratory research that could lead to a larger project funded by other sources but must result in tangible outcomes that are aimed at informing resource decisions. Applications are encouraged for research in any area relevant to the natural and cultural resources of units of the National Park System. Examples include projects addressing vulnerability and risk assessment; adaptation strategies; public perceptions and values; and impacts to natural resources and cultural resources (e.g., cultural landscapes, archeological, traditional cultural/ethnographic, and historic structures). Students enrolled in Masters and PhD programs…

PhD Scholarships at Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan, Italy

The University of Milan has launched a call for application, based on qualifications and interviews, for admission to the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences (GSSPS).Up to 8 scholarships are reserved for non-EU citizens’ applicants resident abroad (outside Italy) only if they result in the final ranking for each Ph.D. program in a position not inferior than the corresponding one which gives license to use the awards as indicated for each Ph.D. program. If in the final ranking of each Ph.D. program do not appear any suitable non-EU citizen resident abroad candidate, the mentioned 8 scholarships will be awarded to EU candidates who hold those positions. -The call for application to the GSSPS Doctorates is open to candidates who are in possession of the Italian “Laurea Magistrale” or of an equivalent master of science-level…

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