wireless sensor network postdoc

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wireless sensor network postdoc

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2013 Wireless and Mobile Communication System (WMCS) Scholarships at Chosun University in Korea

Wireless and Mobile Communication System (WMCS) LAB announces Scholarships for Master’s, PhD and integrated Master’s & PhD Program in Korea. Applicants applying for the scholarship must have degree in Electronics or Computer science engineering and should have grades/marks/score of 85% or higher from the previous attended institution. The scholarship is for spring semester and will close on May 31, 2013.. Wireless and Mobile Communication System (WMCS) LAB is recruiting applicants who are interested in the admission of (MS, PhD, and integrated Master’s & PhD Program) graduate course in Korea (2013 Spring). Wireless and Mobile Communication System (WMCS) Laboratory of Chosun university, Korea, conducts theoretical and experimental study of wireless networks and multimedia communication by integrating various kinds of  communication technologies and network protocols, and evaluating their performances. Currently, they are concerned on protocols and QoS control over wireless sensor network, wireless mesh network, mobile WiMAX, and so on.. This scholarship is available for pursuing MS, PhD, and integrated…

2013 PhD Position in Telecommunications with Prestigious ANR-BLANC funding at the French Riviera in France

inherent complexities of multiterminal communication and interaction. The proposed Ph.D. Thesis is highly conducive to inter-disciplinary collaboration, it builds on a diverse set of theoretical breakthroughs (random matrix theory, adaptive complexity theory, combinatorics, algebraic geometry) and has been strongly embraced by technology ( sensor networks, ecentralized/opportunistic networks, network control-communication cooperation). At the end of the day, the proposed work will aim to provide for theoretical breakthroughs as well as practical solutions to problems in complex wireless networks. The work is a natural continuation of our award winning current research which has recently provided near optimal solutions for a variety of wireless network settings. Interdisciplinary research in the general area of wireless communication networks, with emphasis in multiuser interference-limited networks of the future, with subtopics potentially including: -Cooperation in networks –Network and MIMO coding techniques -Information theoretic bounds -Stochastic network optimization -Dynamic programming and machine learning -Complexity of information extraction in wireless communications networks – Application of sensor networks..  Prestigious BLANC grant offers PhD…

PhD Studentship in Complex Supply Network Dynamics at Cranfield University in UK, 2013/14

Procter and Gamble, Cranfield University is offering PhD studentship in the area of complex supply network modeling. UK/EU and Non UK/EU are eligible for this PhD Studentship. Applicants must have good first degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, or physics. Studentship covers tax-free bursary, tuition fees for UK/EU students. Non UK/EU students have to pay tuition fees for the duration of three years. Online application must be submitted by 30th December 2013.. Applications are invited for a PhD studentship in the area of complex supply network modeling. The project aims to use network theoretic analysis to model the dynamics of automotive supply networks and allow cost and resilience optimization taking into account commercial, technical and logistics implications. Supply network research has long assumed linear models yet empirical findings suggest that these networks behave as complex networks at large-scales, and contain non-linear pathways. In this research project, analytical modeling, graph…

PhD Studentship in Sensor Networks at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

The aim of your study will be to investigate how sensing in wireless networks can be improved by leveraging cooperation among nodes in the presence of time-stamped location information with uncertainty. The researsch will span theoretical contributions (e.g., modeling of phenomena to be sensed, information compressing), algorithms (sensing and aggregation methods), and experimentation with off-the-shelf hardware. You will study how location and time information can aid sensing, and how communication should occur over the network. To apply for this position, you should have a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Applied Mathematics, or similar, with high grades in the core courses. You should have experience in digital communications or signal processing. Strong math and programming skills are essential. Experience with sensor networks or general wireless networks is a plus, as are first-author publications in international conferences or journals….

Research Positions for Foreign Applicants in KAIST, South Korea, 2015

KAIST is offering research positions for foreign graduate and postdoctoral applicants for Opto-electro-structural lab, Department of Aerospace Engineering. Applicants will work on multidisciplinary projects related to the application of laser ultrasound technologies, wireless sensing network (WSN), and optical fiber sensors technologies to the non-destructive test and evaluation (NDT&E) and structural health management (SHM) of important engineering structures, such as wind turbines, space launch vehicles, nuclear power plants, and aircrafts. Graduate student will get support of tuition fee + starting monthly stipend KRW 700,000 for master course; KRW 1,080,000 for PhD course (after tax deduction). Application due date: 8th March 2015 for graduate student and anytime for postdoctoral.. KAIST is looking for dedicated graduate students and postdocs for Opto-electro-structural lab, Department of Aerospace Engineering, KAIST. Their projects are multidisciplinary, related to the application of laser ultrasound technologies, wireless sensing network (WSN), and optical fiber sensors technologies to the non-destructive test…

MSc Scholarships in Sensor and Imaging Systems at University of Glasgow in UK, 2014

University of Glasgow is offering up to 20 MSc scholarships in Sensor and Imaging Systems for the students of Scotland and the European Union. Scholarships are offered for 12 months full-time. Awards are based on academic and person achievements, together with pertinence of the personal statement. These places are available for entry in September 2014 and are awarded on a competitive basis. Candidates must have an offer of a place on the programme and submit a personal statement in order to be considered for a place. The application deadline is 27th June 2014.. The University of Glasgow is pleased to announce a major funding opportunity for postgraduate students. The University has been awarded funding to support postgraduate taught places in specific programmes. These places are available for entry in September 2014 and are awarded on a competitive basis. Candidates must have an offer of a place on the programme and submit a…

Postdoctoral Position in Mobile Data Offloading at EURECOM in France, 2013

EURECOM with Intel Mobile Communication (IMC) is offering postdoctoral position for a project on Wireless Traffic Flow Optimization for Multicom. The initial position duration is for 18 months, and it covers a competitive salary. Student must have a PhD degree from a university of good standing, with a strong publication record in a field of Wireless Networks and/or Performance Analysis and Optimization. Applications should be sent electronically.. This position is partially funded by a project agreement with Intel Mobile Communication(IMC), France on the topic of “Wireless Traffic Flow Optimization for Multicom”. The successful candidate will have the chance to closely collaborate with and be informed by colleagues in Intel MC, a global leader in computer and mobile technology. The focus of the position will be on the design, modeling, and analysis of efficient offloading algorithms for mobile data traffic, in a context where multiple wireless interfaces (e.g. 3G, LTE,…

2012 HSF/ Verizon Wireless Tu Mandas Scholarship, USA

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) and Verizon Wireless have partnered to provide financial resources to assist outstanding graduating high school students who have participated in Verizon Wireless’ Tu Mandas workshops at the Bronx high school for Medical Science. The award amount is $1,000. A Coupon code is required in order to access this application. The coupon code will be provided to those who have participated in the workshops noted below -Be a U.S. Citizen, legal permanent resident or eligible non-U.S. -Citizen Have plans to enroll Full-Time as a freshman or 1st year community college student in 2012-2013 – Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale -Must attend 100% of the Verizon Wireless’ Tu Mandas workshops hosted at the Bronx High School for Medical Science…

Q Link Wireless College Scholarship Program in USA, 2014

Q Link Wireless, a leading provider of the Federal Lifeline Program, is offering the first college scholarship to current college students and graduating high school students. Students must be enrolled or planning to enroll in full time or part time undergraduate study at any accredited college or university within the United States. One winner will receive a one-time $1,000 scholarship to be applied to qualified expenses, including graduate or undergraduate tuition, fees, books and on-campus room and board for the 2014-2015 academic school year. The application deadline is April 1, 2014.. Q Link Wireless Scholarship Program is open for current college students and graduating high school students. The scholarship amount covers tuition, books and other educational expenses. American citizens are encouraged to apply. Funds are provided by Q Link Wireless and are made payable to the recipient’s approved college or university.Number of award (s): One winner will get a one-time scholarship.. The…

PhD/MS Research Assistantship at Chosun University, Korea, 2014

Department of Computer Engineering, The Wireless Communication and Networking Lab (WHYNET LAB), Chosun University is offering PhD/MS research assistantship in Korea. Applicants must be skillful, hard working and highly motivated candidates with good academic records. English efficiency test TOEFL (iBT 80/ CBT 213 or higher) or IELTS (6.5 or above) is required. Applicants must have a good CGPA, programming and mathematical skills. Interested applicants should send their application electronically.. The Wireless Communication and Networking Lab (WHYNET LAB), Chosun University, Gwangju, is seeking for skillful, hard working and highly motivated candidates with good academic credentials to join our dynamic international team as PhD/MS students within the area of next-generation communications and networking technologies. The MS/PhD positions are targeted at the following topics: 1. Access control and resource allocation schemes in wireless communications systems 2. Low power communication protocols for body area sensor networks 3. Radio Frequency Identification Systems 4….

NSW Cardiovascular Research Network Life Science Research Fellowship 2012, Australia

NSW Cardiovascular Research Network Life Science Research Fellowship (Cardiovascular) has been developed to attract cardiovascular researchers to New South Wales. The Heart Foundation (NSW Division) has facilitated the establishment of the NSW Cardiovascular Research Network (CVRN), a collaboration of cardiovascular research institutes, organisations and individuals seeking to increase funded collaborative research and support the research workforce. The NSW Cardiovascular Research Network Life Sciences Research Fellowship (Cardiovascular) is awarded by the NSW Office for Science and Medical Research in conjunction with the Heart Foundation (NSW) The Research Fellowship ($100,000 per annum for 4 years and tenable for up to five years) is available for researchers no less than three years and up to twelve years post doctoral who may be completing an overseas or interstate posting and are interested in returning to NSW in 2013 to take up research positions….

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