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2 PhD Positions in Molecular Biology at University of Bern, Switzerland

Regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis In recent years it has become clear that mitochondria are not just the powerhouse of the cell but in important hub for the integration of a number of cellular processes like iron-sulfur cluster assembly, haem and phospholipid biosynthesis, catabolic and anabolic processes including citric acid cycle, beta oxidation of the phospholipids and the regulation of apoptosis. Thus it is not surprising that defects in the biogenesis of the organelle are involved in a great number of disease phenotypes in humans ranging from cancer to neurological disorders, diabetes and aging. Substantial progress has been made in Characterizing major features of mitochondrial proteins including composition, mechanism of protein import, and the dynamics of the organelle. However, important features remain poorly understood. Candidates must have MSc in Biology/Biochemistry or equivalent….

PhD Scholarship in ATP Signalling in Pancreas at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Section for Molecular Integrative Physiology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, is recruiting one PhD student for a project starting February 2012 or soon thereafter. The PhD project is dedicated to study the role of extracellular ATP signalling and communication in pancreas. The PhD-student will study ATP release mechanisms and interactions between different cells in pancreas under physiological and pathophysiological conditions as models of pancreatitis and diabetes. The PhD stipend is co-financed and will be attached to the Epithelial Signalling Group headed by Professor Ivana Novak. We search a highly motivated individual with M.Sc. degree in biology, human biology, molecular biomedicine, biochemistry, medicine or pharmacology. Previous experience in cell and molecular biology, tissue cultures, bioimaging and integrative studies on animal models is advantageous. Fluency in spoken and written English is a strong requirement….

Tom Jones Corporation Lakehead University 30th Anniversary Graduate Bursary, Canada 2011/2012

Lakehead University 30th Anniversary Graduate Bursary Type of Funding Bursary Program Level Masters and Doctoral Eligible Programs No Restrictions Value: $617 Recipients must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant of Canada and must have lived in Ontario for at least twelve months in a row Must be a full-time student entering any program Awarded based on financial need…

Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowships in Medicine and Dentistry at Universities in Hong Kong, 2012

The applicant should clearly specify at the time of making the application the proposed length of the Senior Medical Research Fellowship, which may be six months OR one year. Regardless of the length of the fellowship, however, the Foundation’s reimbursement to the fellow’s employing institution will not exceed the equivalent of six months’ salary and a cash allowance of the type paid by the Hospital Authority to clinical medical staff payable to the replacement for the candidate selected for the award, subject to a limit to be prescribed by the Foundation, which currently stands at HK$154,000 per month, or HK$984,000 (individual award of HK$60,000 included) for the salary budget of the entire award. The Foundation may occasionally give approval to employ more than one replacement within the limit of the budget. The fellowship applicants should be members of staff employed formally on clinical teachers’ terms who are…

PhD Studentship in Neuroscience of Social Decision-making at Radboud University, Netherlands

This project will employ the Decision Neuroscience approach to explore decision-making related to the social processes of trust, reciprocity, and equality. These processes are vital for the successful functioning of society, but there have been few in-depth studies on how they operate. In this project, we will examine in detail the psychological factors behind these processes, and also explore the brain mechanisms involved. In addition, we will use formal economic methods to create computational models of this behaviour. An example of the type of study we will use is the detailed investigation of how trust is bestowed, exploring the influence of automatically processed cues, such as facial appearance, and how people learn to trust from experience. You have a relevant Master’s degree, preferably with a background in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, or biological psychology. The ideal candidate for this position combines skills in functional neuroimaging,…

Call for Applications 2011/2012 under Erasmus Mundus Project- Areas

…promote the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at the higher education level. AREAS is one of the 2 EMA2 projects selected by the European Commission for Lot 13 (Asia Regional) in 2011. Applicants must have the nationality of the Asian Countries targeted (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam). 2. Applicants must not have resided nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the European countries at the moment of the submission of the application. 3. Applicants must not have already benefited from a scholarship for the same type of mobility under another project under the EMA2-STRAND1. 4. Applicants need to comply with the Target group requirements, 5. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses/activities at the host university….

PhD Studentship in the Department of Applied Physics, TU/e University, Netherlands

The aim of your work is to visualize and model water transport through water based coatings into wood. You will apply various Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tools to image water profiles in both wood and coatings during water uptake. NMR relaxation techniques will be used to determine the state of water in both the wood and the polymeric coating on top of the wood. You will connect the outcomes with information on the structure of the coating and the wood as determined by OM and SEM. Finally you will formulate mathematical models enabling predictions of water uptake in these type of systems. •Do you want to be part of research aiming for a more sustainable future. •Do you have a master in physics, physical chemistry or another relevant scientific discipline. •Are you intrigued and challenged by complex applied physical problems. •Have you worked with advanced experimental techniques….

PhD Positions in Cell Signaling and Therapeutics at Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium

Eukaryotic organisms critically depend on the creation of chemically distinct membrane compartments. In these compartments, P-type Ca2+ transport ATPases couple ATP hydrolysis to the active transport of Ca2+ across the membrane. They maintain vital transmembrane (TM) Ca2+ gradients, which drive essential cell biological and physiological processes (such as muscle contraction). In general, Ca2+ transport ATPases are considered as potential drug targets. Recent studies point to the critical role of two related Secretory Pathway Ca2+ ATPases (SPCAs) in the skin disease of Hailey-Hailey (SPCA1) and in breast cancer (SPCA2). SPCAs are characterized by the fact that they accumulate Ca2+ or Mn2+ into the Golgi apparatus and in more distal parts of the cellular secretory pathway. Whereas SPCA1 is a house-keeping isoform found in all cells, SPCA2 expression is confined to a subset of mainly…

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