post doctoral scholarship for developing countries

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post doctoral scholarship for developing countries

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2013/14 Massey University Doctoral Scholarships for Postgraduate Research in New Zealand

Massey University offers doctoral scholarships and doctoral scholarships for Maori for the purpose of encouraging postgraduate research and are awarded on academic ranking. All applicants for the Massey University Doctoral Scholarships are considered for the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships. The Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships are awarded on academic ranking to the top students.  The Doctoral Scholarships are open to persons who are enrolled or eligible to enrol full-time for a research paper of 120 credits during a 12 month period towards a Doctoral degree at Massey University. Part-time applicants and already holding a PhD are not eligible to apply. Domestic and International Students can apply for these scholarships. The application deadline is 1st October 2013..  All applicants for the Massey University Doctoral Scholarships are considered for the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships. The Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships are awarded on academic ranking to the top students.  Every Doctoral Scholarship shall be tenable at Massey University for up to a maximum period…

2013/14 Lotus Scholarship for International Students at University of the West in USA

University of the West offers Lotus Scholarship Program for both international and domestic students in USA. UWest is providing the Lotus Scholarshipfor new students entering in bachelor’s degree or master’s degree at the university, as well as for students seeking to renew their scholarship for a second year in the 2013-2014 academic year. To qualify for the scholarship a student must be enrolled fulltime at University of West.The scholarship awards $5,000 or $10,000 annually to each successful applicant to apply toward his or her tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, and other expenses required for attendance at UWest. . For the 2013-2014 academic year, UWest has successfully raised funds to continue providing the Lotus Scholarships for new students entering the University, as well as for students seeking to renew their scholarship for a second year. New applicants must meet the scholarship eligibility requirements and matriculate into UWest in the 2013-2014 academic year. Returning applicants must meet the Lotus Scholarship

Marine Scholarship for International Students in China, 2014

are provided to learn any of the courses offered by the Xiamen University, Zhejiang University, Ocean University of China and Tongji University. Who can apply to this scholarship? The applicant should be a citizen of non· Chinese nationality in good health, from a coastal/island country of South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and its surround island countries, or an African developing country. · The applicant must apply for the postgraduate program of ocean· related specialties. · Any applicant who is currently engaged in oceanographic and relevant sectors will be given high priority. · The applicant for master’s degree studies is required to have a bachelor’s degree and be usually under the age of 40. · The applicant for doctoral degree studies is required to have a master’s degree and be usually under the age of 45.Benefits of the scholarship:  -Exemption from registration fees, tuition fees, laboratory fees, internship fees,…

Call for Application: OJCB Programme for Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Countries, 2013

selection; •hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a university or be recognized by the selection committee as possessing equivalent academic qualifications; •obtain the consent of his/her institution for project participation; •not be the recipient of any funds from other sources for similar programs; •be able to communicate in the same language with the host scientist; and •recognize the challenges of sustainable agriculture in his/her own country, develop an action plan and be willing to implement technology dissemination and/or research activities based on his/her action plan immediately after the OJT. c) The assistant instructor must: •be currently conducting research together with the host scientist or under his/her supervision on research related to sustainable agriculture in developing countries; and •be qualified to assist training based on his/her research background. A post· doctoral fellow can be considered as an assistant instructor.Benefits of the scholarship: The programme will cover costs for the…

CNPq-TWAS Fellowships Program for Developing Countries’ Students in Brazil, 2013

National Council for Scientific and Technological Development and TWAS offers Fellowship Program for Developing Countries Students except Brazil in the field of Agrarian Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical & Health Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics & Probability and Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences and Oceanography. The students of developing countries (other than Brazil) can apply. The application deadline is 5th  July.. The Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq-MCTI) and TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world, invite interested researchers to apply for this Program. This Call for Applications aims to select young researchers from developing countries (except Brazil) to undertake their PhD, Sandwich PhD or PostDoctoral Research in Brazil in the below mentioned areas of interest. Brazilian scientists or students are not eligible for this call, but may apply for fellowships under all the other TWAS Fellowships programs..  Fellowships are available for pursuing PhD, Sandwich PhD or Postdoctoral research level. The research areas of this scholarship are:  Fellowships are provided in the field of…

2014/15 Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Nationals at Concordia University in Canada

QuebecWallonie category. 1) Open to Nationals of all countries – Unrestricted Categories:V1 Doctoral, V2 Postdoctoral and V3 Short Term Research Competitions 2) Open to Nationals of all countries – Unrestricted Categories:International Doctoral FQRNT and FQRNT Scholarships 3) Open to Country Specific Categories: Brazil, India, and Wallonie. .  Scholarships are available for pursuing Short-term research or professional development, postdoctoral and doctoral research. The research areas of this scholarship are:  Scholarships are available for courses offered by the Concordia University. Who can apply to this scholarship? Must meet all eligibility conditions as at the date of the closing of the competition (usually the end of October). · Cannot have submitted another application for any of the three components of the program in the same year. · Cannot have already received a merit scholarship for foreign students. · Cannot be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. · Cannot have applied for permanent resident status under…

Rhodes Scholarship for Indian Students at Oxford University in UK, 2014

Rhodes Trust is funding scholarship for Indian students at Oxford University in UK. This scholarship is for pursuing MSc, MSt, MLitt, BCL, MPhil, BPhil (Philosophy only), DPhil or for a second undergraduate degree over 2 years at Oxford University in UK. The postgraduate scholarship is awarded for two years which covers university and college fees, living expenses, air travel, and economy class, to the United Kingdom and of return to India on completion of studies at Oxford. The deadline for applications is 31st July, 2013.. A Rhodes Scholarship is tenable at the University of Oxford. Confirmation of the Scholarship at election is however, subject to the Scholar-elect’s acceptance by a college and by the concerned faculty in case of a research degree. The Scholarship is initially for a period of two years but if necessary, can be extended to a third year. The Rhodes Trustees would consider granting…

University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand, 2014

University of Waikato is offering doctoral scholarships for domestic and international applicants. All applicants must have submitted an application to enroll for doctoral studies at the University of Waikato prior to, or at the same time as, applying for a Doctoral Scholarship. The total value of a scholarship shall be a living allowance of up to $22,000.00 per annum (pro rata for part-time candidates) and an amount equal to the annual tuition fees payable during the term of the Scholarship. The application deadlines are 31 October 2013 (for Round 1) and 30 April 2014 (for Round 2).. These Scholarships are funded by the University of Waikato as part of its commitment to postgraduate research. The Scholarships are normally offered twice a year, to full- and part-time candidates for a doctoral degree from the University of Waikato. Candidates for the following doctoral degrees may apply for a University of Waikato Doctoral

Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students in China, 2014

Applications are invited for Jiangxi Provincial Government scholarship available for international students. Scholarship is divided into three categories: Type A Scholarship, 25000 RMB for each person per year, studying for doctoral and master degrees; Type B Scholarship, 20000 RMB for each student per year, for bachelor’s degree and Type C Scholarship, 6000 RMB, used to fund visiting scholars or other foreign students who will study in the university for at least half a year. The application deadline is 20 September.. In order to attract more outstanding international students to come to study in higher education institutions and expand the scale of the international students in Jiangxi Province and enhance Jiangxi’s international reputation, Jiangxi Provincial Government has set up Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students and the quota of the scholarship has already been distributed to each higher education institution including our university..  Type A scholarship is available for pursuing masters and doctoral

NUS Undergraduate Scholarships for Singaporeans Students, 2014/15

Programme or the University Town College Programme -Eligibility for the NUS Scholar Enrichment Grant, which will co-fund 50% of the scholar’s participation in short local or overseas enrichment programmes (including programme fees, airfare and overseas accommodation), for up to 2 applications for the entire course of study and up to $3,000 per application Apart from these, NUS Global Merit Scholarship includes following further benefits -S$2,450 annual accommodation allowance if scholar is staying on campus, or S$3,850 if scholar is staying in University Town -S$7,500 Student Exchange Programme/NUS Overseas Colleges allowance per semester for non-Asian countries and Japan, and S$5,000 per semester for other Asian countriesMore information about the fellowship:Duration: Not KnownNumber of scholarships:  The five tiers of NUS undergraduate Scholarships offered to prospective students are as follows: NUS Global Merit Scholarship, NUS Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship, NUS Undergraduate Scholarship, Kent Ridge Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship and Kent Ridge Undergraduate Scholarship….

Willamette MBA Global Diversity Scholarship in USA, 2015

Willamette University is offering MBA scholarship for students entering in class Fall Semester 2015. The Willamette MBA Global Diversity Scholarship program is for International students who completed their bachelor degree in any of the mentioned countries. Applicants selected for this scholarship will receive a $5,000 Global Diversity scholarship and an Atkinson School Scholarship of at least $16,000. Consideration for a Willamette MBA Global Diversity Scholarship and Atkinson School merit-based scholarships will occur automatically when the applicant’s file is reviewed for an admission decision. No separate scholarship applications are required.. For the entering class of Fall Semester 2015, a maximum of two Global Diversity Scholarship awards are available for each targeted country. A student who receives a Global Diversity Scholarship will receive a total scholarship award ranging from $21,000 to full-tuition for the Willamette Early Career/Career Change MBA program. The total award will include the $5,000 Global Diversity Scholarship and an Atkinson School…

Air Force ROTC Scholarships for High School Seniors in USA, 2015

Applications are invited for Air Force scholarships available for high school senior students. There are three different types of scholarships: Type 1—Pays full college tuition, most fees and a book allowance; Type 2—Pays college tuition and most fees up to $18,000 and a book allowance; Type 7—Pays college tuition up to the equivalent of a public school’s in-state rate and a book allowance. All four-year scholarships activate in the fall of freshman year. All three-year scholarships activate in the fall of sophomore year. The only three-year type of scholarship offered is Type 2. All three-year scholarship designees must complete AFROTC training during their freshman year in order to retain eligibility to activate their scholarships at the start of their sophomore year.. Air Force ROTC scholarships cover your tuition and most lab fees. Also, you’ll receive an annual textbook allowance and up to a $500 spending cash monthly stipend. A variety…

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