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Postdoctoral Positions in Systems Neuroscience at Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders in Leuven, Belgium

Postdoctoral positions in systems neuroscience available starting October 2011 in the laboratory of Vincent Bonin at Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders in Leuven, Belgium, (NERF, www.nerf.be) with support from VIB, imec and K.U. Leuven. The purpose of the Bonin lab is to understand the network computations and biological mechanisms that underlie visual processing in the mammalian brain. We use a combination of large-scale neural recordings (two-photon calcium imaging, millimeter scale imaging, silicon probes), neural stimulation, and computational modeling to probe large populations of neurons in the visual system of awake, behaving mice….

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PhD Scholarship in Ice Sheet Monitoring from Satellites and Aircraft, Denmark 2011

The research theme of the PhD. will involve development of methods for cryosphere monitoring from satellites (GRACE, IceSat and CryoSat-2) as well as airborne measurements, and the application to the Greenland ice sheet as well as North Atlantic region ice caps (e.g., Svalbard and Iceland). The overall goal is to obtain consistent results of ice mass loss estimates by combination of different types of remote sensing data, including validation by in-situ or other glaciological data. The PhD project includes especially focus on analysis of Cryosat-2 data, as well as recent airborne altimetry data from both European and NASA…

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PhD Scholarships Within Welfare State Studies at Aalborg University, Denmark

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science, 1 or 2 PhD Scholarships are vacant at the Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies, Aalborg University (http://www.epa.aau.dk/forskningsenheder/ccws/). The positions are open for appointment as soon as possible. The Faculty of Social Sciences wishes to ensure that PhD scholarships provide career opportunities both within and outside of the university. For that reason, PhD scholarships are formed in a manner ensuring that the competencies achieved in the position qualifies to both a career within research and a career in the private and/or public sector. No later than one year before…

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PhD Studentship in Catalysis for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

The preferred method will be of electrochemical nature and based on characterization of product by GC or mass spectroscopy. The project will be carried out at the Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality (CINF), see www.cinf.dtu.dk, and will have access to the wide range of methods for characterization available here. CINF is located at the Department of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and enjoy a close collaboration between theory, modeling, synthesis and test in a good social and scientific open environment. The successful candidate will have obtained excellent results in his/her BSc. and MSc studies…

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