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National Scholarship Programme (NSP) at University of Birmingham, UK

their household income having been assessed and verified by SLC as being below the qualifying threshold as determined from time to time. 3.2 For the avoidance of doubt Students who are progressing from a foundation degree or who are transferring from another higher education institution are not eligible for the Award. 3.3 The Award shall not be prejudiced in the event that the Student’s circumstances change during the Academic Year even if those circumstances would have rendered the Student ineligible for the Scholarship had they prevailed at the date of application. 3.4 A Student in receipt of the Award shall…

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Research Scholarship in Materials Characterisation at University of Newcastle, Australia

A Ph.D. scholarship is available within the Discipline of Physics at The University of Newcastle to work on the design and characterisation of new plasmonic materials. This is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery research project and it will be conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Nanoscale Technology at the University of Technology (UTS). This project will develop and explore new materials for plasmonic applications. Plasmonics exploits the coupled electromagnetic resonances of light and electrons occurring at a nanometre scale and has found applications in the biological, chemical and medical sciences, including the possibility of nano-photonic devices….

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2012 Disability Rights Scholarship Program at University of Pretoria, South Africa

The Disability Rights Scholarship Program will offer up to 20 awards to individuals from Nepal and select countries in Africa and Latin America for LLM study beginning in fall 2012. The program aims to advance the rights of persons with disabilities, and through legal channels, help overcome the effect of exclusionary practices, so that persons with disabilities achieve a state of full and effective participation and inclusion in society. The program intends to provide disability rights advocates and lawyers with the necessary expertise to develop new legislation, jurisprudence, impact litigation, and scholarship, thereby taking advantage of the innovations…

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Katsepontes Family Law or Medicine Scholarship, Canada 2012

One Katsepontes Family Law or Medicine Scholarship is awarded to a Canadian resident enrolled in an accredited law or medical school at a Canadian university and are either members of the AHEPA Family (including spouses, children or grandchildren) or of Hellenic heritage (through a parent, grandparent or a spouse). The AHEPA FCFC established this scholarship in 2011 through the generosity of the Katsepontes family. The application deadline is December 31, 2011 and applications emailed after this date or post marked after this date are not eligible. -Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Hellenic heritage by birth or…

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2012 RMIT Cultural Visions Scholarship, Australia

If you are an RMIT student who wishes to make a documentary or short film exploring cultural integration and its effect on social/community dynamics in Australian communities – past, present and/or future, this scholarship may financially support you.The scholarship is valued at $2500 for one year. -be a TAFE or Higher Education student in their second or third year of study, or an Honours student at RMIT University, and can represent any discipline or program -must have resided continuously in Australia for two years or more -submit an application package that will be assessed by a Selection…

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