sw kar nic in post matric scholarship

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2012 Reham al-Farra International Scholarship in Journalism at Bournemouth University, UK

Only students who have applied for MA Multi-media Journalism in The Media School and who have been made an offer of a place on the course, (conditional or unconditional) will be considered for the scholarship. The final decision is based on the information supplied in both your Bournemouth Media School course application form and scholarship application form. All applicants classified as ‘overseas’ for fee purposes are eligible to apply.The Scholarship is awarded to a student who has achieved an excellent standard in their undergraduate degree, can demonstrate a high level of English proficiency (if English is not…

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Sobhy Scholarship in Engineering and Digital Arts at University of Kent, 2012 UK

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent offers the Sobhy Scholarship each year to overseas fee paying students for one of the following taught postgraduate programmes run by the School: MSc in Information Security & Biometrics MSc in Embedded Systems & Instrumentation MSc in Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering MSc in Wireless Communications & Signal Processing MSc in Mobile Application Design MSc in Broadband & Mobile Communication Networks MSc in Engineering with Finance -Open for International Scholarships. -This Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence as assessed by the entry qualifications…

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CASH Music Scholarship for Overseas Studies 2012/2013

The scholarship is tenable for the normal duration of one academic year. If the period of study is for more than a year, the selected candidate has to re-apply every year and it is not an automatic renewal of the scholarship. -be Hong Kong residents with valid Hong Kong Identity cards; – be preferably not more than 30 years of age at the time the scholarship commences; – have completed undergraduate study majoring in music at a university in Hong Kong; – be responsible for fulfilling all application procedures and admission requirements at the institution of their…

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The TUYF Chartiable Trust Scholarship for NGO Governance 2012-13

The Scholarship supports individuals who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Non-Government Organization (“NGO”) governance or related areas overseas. The purpose of the scholarship is to nurture future leaders and enhance governance of welfare NGOs. 1)All applicants have to be permanent residents of Hong Kong. 2) An undergraduate or postgraduate degree in social studies or relevant subjects, and at least one year of work experience in NGOs in HK OR Fresh graduates who have possessed NGO work experience in HK prior to pursuing their degree OR An individual with over 3 years of work…

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USM School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) Graduate Scholarship, USA 2012-2013

Awards are based on a combination of academic merit, professional promise, financial need, and academic or professional recommendation. Preference is given to individuals who will be in an internship (minimum of at least three credits) that prohibits other employment. Scholarship applications are due March 1. The SEHD scholarship committee meets in mid-March to score applications and award funding to eligible applicants. Decision letters are mailed in early April if you are an accepted or matriculated student. Admission applicants will not receive a response until an admission decision has been made. Students are eligible to apply if they…

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