study of mbbs in abroad scholorship for undergraduates

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FAEA Undergraduate Scholarships for Indian Students, 2016-2017

XII examination from a recognised Indian Board. Test Requirement: No English Language Requirement: Applicants should meet the necessary language proficiency requirements of the host institution. Nationality: Applicants from India can apply for these scholarships. What is the study subject?:  Scholarships are awarded to study all the subjects. The necessary course level: Scholarships are available for pursuing an undergraduate programme in any University/College in India. How much is the scholarship award?: FAEA, on the selection of student for the FAEA scholarship, provides financial aid for completion of undergraduate courses which…

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WLD Scholarship Program for Afghan Women, 2016

Promote is USAID’s largest women’s empowerment program in the Agency’s entire history. The aim is to advance opportunities for Afghan women to become political, private sector, and civil society leaders and to build upon existing and previous programs for women and girls. Scholarship can be taken: Afghanistan Nationality: Afghan women are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme. What is the study subject?: Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the institutes. The necessary course level: Scholarships are available for pursuing two-year degree programs taught at top Afghan Institutes….

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UCLA Math Undergraduate Merit Scholarships for US and International Applicants, 2017

four years, subject to the following requirements: Scholarship can be taken in the USA College Admission Requirement Entrance Requirements: Applicants must be in 12th grade applying to UCLA for admission in Fall of 2017. English language Requirements: Applicants from outside the home country will often need to meet specific English language/other language requirements in order to be able to study there. Nationality: The US, as well as international applicants, are eligible to apply for this scholarship. What is the study subject?: Scholarships are awarded to the Department of Mathematics. The necessary course level:…

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Sasol Postgraduate Bursary Scheme for South African Students, 2012 South Africa

Sasol Bursary Scheme is a talent based scheme, as a result, only applicants who meet the minimum criteria will be invited to a selection interview. It is a comprehensive package that covers both financial as well as developmental support throughout the study period. All applications are done electronically, not only to speed up the selection process but also to ensure fairness and electronic tracking of applications received within a particular period. •A minimum of a Level 4 for English First Language or a Level 5 for English Second Language in Grade 11. (The majority of academic textbooks…

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Greek Government Scholarships for Foreign Citizens, 2012 Greece

Scholarships granted by the Greek Government to foreign nationals for academic year 2012-2013 and for Greek language and civilization summer seminar 2012. The postgraduate scholarships cannot be renewed for a period longer than one (1) year for the same scholar, for postgraduate studies, and for a period longer than two (2) years for the award of a PhD diploma. For scholarship holders who are about to follow a full course of undergraduate studies in Greece, a scholarship is initially granted for one (1) academic year in order for them to follow Greek language courses (if they do not…

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