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2012 Indigenous Scholarships and Awards for University of Melbourne Students, Australia

There are a number of scholarships and awards for Indigenous students which are listed below: -The Arno Herpe Memorial Foundation (UTR 6.205) — scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students. Preference given to: (a) graduate students in civil engineering; (b) other engineering graduate students; (c) all other students. Selection is based on financial need, academic merit and community involvement. -The Bruce C Hartnett Bursaries (UTR 6.72(246)) — bursaries for students in financial need. -The Edward J Darbyshire Trust (UTR 6.72(205)) — a scholarship for a full?time undergraduate student. Selection is based on financial need and academic performance. -The Isabella…

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Postgraduate and Undergraduate Fisheries Scholarships for New Zealand Citizens, 2017

science to enable the sustainable management of natural resources for New Zealand and the planet. Applicants with a strong quantitative background, particularly in applied statistics will be favoured. Scholarship can be taken in the New Zealand Postgraduate fisheries scholarships: Applicants with majors or minors in mathematics, statistics, or biology are encouraged to apply. Applicants with a strong quantitative background, particularly in applied statistics will be favoured. The number of scholarships available is dependent on the suitability of applicants. Undergraduate fisheries scholarships: Applicants enrolled in a minimum of 1 statistics or mathematics course in the 2nd year, and 2 statistics or mathematics…

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2012 Research Fellowship in Optimisation for Supply Chain Management , Australia

Stuckey and Associate Professor Adrian Pearce, you would be involved in discovering more agile contingent planning techniques for solving new classes of scheduling and planning problems. The overarching responsibility of this position will be the development of optimisation techniques for synthesising more robust plans for short term production scheduling of iron ore in distributed, multi-mine pit settings. 1.1.1 A PhD in computer science or closely related discipline 1.1.2 Experience with computational approaches to supply chain optimisation problems and technologies 1.1.3 Solid software engineering and programming skills 1.1.4 Demonstrated capability for innovative research 1.1.5 Demonstrated strong communication skills…

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UNU-INWEH Masters Scholarships for Developing Country Students, 2016-2017

United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) is pleased to offer limited number of scholarships for qualified candidates from developing countries on a competitive basis. These scholarships are available for pursuing joint master’s degree (MSc) programme in Integrated Drylands Management. The MS Programme is designed to enhance the capacity of developing countries to manage their drylands resources. The programme provides young professionals and scientists an international perspective on integrated resources management approaches in drylands and allows them to gain practical experience in different dryland countries. UNU-INWEH’s vision is to create a world free of water problems…

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Trinity College Dublin Scholarships for Postgraduate Students, Ireland 2012

The university’s Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is offering five scholarships in its taught postgraduate courses, valued at €3,000 each for one year. The Faculty of Health Sciences is also offering five scholarships in its taught postgraduate courses valued at €3,000 for one year. The Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science is offering four scholarships in its taught postgraduate courses valued at €3,000 for one year. Additionally, two postgraduate research scholarships valued at €6,000 per year are being offered for three years for full-time study on a PhD programme. The scholarships can be for postgraduate research…

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