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2012 UK Santander Postgraduate Management Scholarship at University of Sheffield, UK

There is one University of Sheffield Santander Postgraduate Management Scholarship 2012, available for a student starting their postgraduate degree in the Management School in September 2012. This scholarship will take the form of a £3,000 tuition fee reduction for one year only. For part-time students this will be split over the duration of the course. -To be eligible to receive a scholarship students must be self funded and classed as home fee paying plus be a national of, or permanently domiciled in the United Kingdom. -To be eligible you must apply for a study place by 22…

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2012 The Simon Williams Scholarship at Oxford Brookes University Business School, UK

distinct group of Business School alumni who will maintain their connection with the School and act as supporters and ambassadors on its behalf. The award of the scholarship will be conditional upon the student being accepted on to a course of postgraduate study at Oxford Brookes University Business School. Final year Oxford Brookes University Business School undergraduate students are eligible to apply This includes students studying at Nilai College (Malaysia), CCCU (Hong Kong), POU (Poland), IIMT (India) and IBS (Hungary) This scholarship can be held simultaneously with other scholarships and awards The scholarships will be announced annually…

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2011 One World Scholarship Program for Applicants from Developing Countries at Austrian Universities, Austria

Latin America who are interested in development policy and who have come to Austria on their own initiatives, in order to complete their education. With their decision for studying abroad, the students have demonstrated a high degree of assertiveness, creativity and mobility. The scholarship will contribute to following up on the right of education also for those critical and intellectual young people who will find poor conditions in their home countries. These aspects will apply still more strongly to women. So scholarships will offer a chance making up for the ethnic, religious, social and regional discrimination, and in individual cases,…

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2012 Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship at any Canadian University, Canada

The Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship is tenable for three years. During their third year, Trudeau Scholars may apply for a thesis writing scholarship or a postdoctoral scholarship, for a fourth year of financing. The Scholarship of up to $180,000 consists of two distinct financial categories: (1) an annual stipend of $40,000, which is intended to cover the cost of tuition and reasonable living expenses. If a Trudeau Scholar concurrently holds other scholarships or fellowships that allow for the accumulation of awards, and if the total value of those external awards exceeds $10,000, the Foundation will subtract the amount…

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2012-2013 Graduate Scholarship at Marywood University, USA

Marywood University welcomes your graduate scholarship application for studies in non-cohort programs. A complete scholarship application consists of an online scholarship application and an essay typed in Microsoft Word submitted electronically. The complete scholarship application should be supported by a complete application for University Admissions by the above deadline. You are encouraged to read the directions below completely before you begin the application process. Awards will be made on the basis of three factors: academic promise, normally represented by a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or a graduate GPA of 3.50; professional focus and commitment; and financial need…

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