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Coventry University Scholarship for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students in UK, 2016

theses scholarships. What is the study subject?:  Scholarships are awarded for applicants applying for full-time postgraduate programs . The necessary course level: Scholarships are available for pursuing Undergraduate and Postgraduate program. How much is the scholarship award?: A total of two awards are available at a value of up to £3000. Criteria to be eligible: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for these scholarships: How to apply this scholarship?: Applications should be sent via e-mail and also by post….

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Scotch College Scholarship for Postgraduate Research at University of Aberdeen, 2012 UK

The University of Aberdeen wishes to commemorate the historic links between the northeast of Scotland, the University of Aberdeen and the Scotch College and Melbourne in October 2012 by awarding a PhD scholarship for research on any topic associated with Australia, Scottish-Australian relations and/or Scots in Australia.This scholarship is specifically designed to ensure the recipient is at the University of Aberdeen and graduates in the years where a number of key anniversaries relating to these historic links will be commemorated.The scholarship will cover full tuition fees for the duration of the degree plus a contribution towards living expenses…

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Women of Pakistan Scholarship at University of Warwick in UK, 2017

of the following recognised English Language qualifications Nationality: Women applicants from Pakistan can apply for this scholarship. What is the study subject?: Scholarships are awarded in the field of law. The necessary course level: Scholarships are available for pursuing LLM programme. How much is the scholarship award?: The award will cover 50% of the tuition fee. Criteria to be eligible: If applying for one of LLMs, University would normally expect student to have at least an upper second class honours degree in law or its…

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International Presidential Scholarships at University of Maine in USA, 2017-2018

English Language Testing System (IELTS). Scholarship can be taken in the USA College Admission Requirement Entrance Requirement: Students must maintain full-time enrollment and a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.00 in order for the scholarship to be renewed. Test Requirement: University requires Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. They do not have a fixed minimum score for admittance, however, the average GRE scores are Verbal = 162; Quantitative = 159. English Language Requirement: All applicants are required to submit a language proficiency: Nationality: International students can apply for these scholarships. What is the…

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2012 The Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholarship for Young Japanese Descendants, Japan

The Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholarship ‘Dream Come True Project’” is a scholarship program which grants opportunities to young Japanese descendants abroad who have a concrete plan or dream to contribute to enhanced understanding between their residing countries and Japan and/or promoting the evolution of their residing countries or communities to realize their plans and dreams. Granted with subsidies by the Nippon Foundation, our association is engaged in activities including recruiting, screening, preparing for acceptance, and the provision of scholarship money, etc. regarding students on the scholarship. -Applicants must be Japanese descents (regardless of nationality, educational background or…

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