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2012 Research Fellowship in Information Technology at University of Stavanger, Norway

The University of Stavanger invites applications for one three-year doctorate scholarship in Information Technology at the Faculty of Science and Technology in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering beginning September 1st, 2012. The title of the project is “Towards secure data storage and sharing in the cloud”. The position is funded by The Research Council of Norway together with Lyse and Oracle via a User Initiated Project (BIP). Applicants must have earned a master’s degree within Information Technology or possess corresponding qualifications which could provide a basis for successfully completing a doctorate. It is necessary to have…

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Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowships at University of Toronto, 2013-2014 Canada

The Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowship (JHIRF) is an integral part of the JHI, available for University of Toronto tenured and tenure stream faculty. Up to 20 fellows in total will be selected from intergenerational constituencies: faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students in their final year of writing, and undergraduates in their final year. The Faculty fellows will be the leaders in the circle of fellows for that year. -Preference will be given to applications that relate to the chosen theme for that year. -All tenured faculty engaged in humanities research at the University of Toronto are eligible, with…

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2012-2014 Colorado Mesa University Daniels Fund Opportunity Scholarship, USA

Colorado Mesa University (CMU) has been awarded a Daniels Fund Opportunity Scholarship grant. The Daniels Fund Opportunity Scholarship is intended to assist need-based students with the achievement of academic goals. -Have a degree plan on file. -Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework with an acceptable grade of C or better each semester. -Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in your major field of study. -Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 overall. Meet monthly with your assigned scholarship grant program mentor. -Earn grades of C or better in required English and mathematics courses during the…

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2012 Cambodia Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Nottingham, UK

The scholarship is for each year of the programme, subject to satisfactory progress, and is given once an application form has been completed. -The scholarship must be claimed within three months of registration on your course -The scholarship is given once an application form has been completed -It is your responsibility to declare this scholarship to your sponsor and to adhere to the terms and conditions of your sponsorship – if the terms and conditions of your sponsorship do not allow you to receive additional scholarships, you should not proceed with the application, by applying for this scholarship…

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Full PhD Scholarships for International Students at Koç University in Turkey, 2016

Full-fully funded PhD scholarships are available for Turkish and international students at the Koç University. There is no separate application process to be awarded these scholarships as they are offered alongside an unconditional admission offer from the relevant Graduate School. Especially those who have a career in mind in the Academia and in the R&D industry should definetely pursue a PhD in the field they are interested in. If applicant’s native language is not English they must provide official TOEFL or IELTS scores. List of Subjects: Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Business and Health Sciences. College Admission Requirement Entrance Requirement: University doesn’t…

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