nuffic fellowship application form 2014

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Susan R. Meisinger Graduate Study Fellowship for Overseas Students, 2016

much is the scholarship award?: At least one new fellowship of up to $10,000 annually will be granted each year if qualified applications are received. Each fellowship is renewable for one additional year for a total of two years of graduate study and up to $20,000 total for the fellowship, as long as the recipient remains enrolled in the original degree program cited in the application. How to apply this scholarship?: Applicants have submit one hard copy of their application package with a cover letter by post. Find the application form in: View form

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2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Music-related Body Motion, Norway

and foreign applicants can apply for this fellowship. What is the study subject?: Fellowship is awarded in Music-related Body Motion. The necessary course level: Fellowship is available for pursuing postdoctoral research programme. How much is the scholarship award?: Fellowship offers: Criteria to be eligible: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for scholarship: How to apply this scholarship?: Applicants must submit the following attachments with the electronic application form, preferably in pdf-format: Find the application form in: View form

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Richard Motyka Brain Tumour Research Fellowship, 2012-2014, Canada

Fellowship July 1, 2012 for studies to be conducted in Canada. 1. An MD has a five year window of opportunity. The candidate will be within two years of residency completion or will be within three years of post-residency training as of July 1, 2012. If residency program mandates research work earlier, indicate on the application, question #3. 2. A PhD has a three-year window of opportunity. An eligible candidate will have his/her doctorate by January 1, 2012 and will have no more than three years postdoctoral laboratory experience by July 1, 2012….

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2012-2014 Call for Applications IAS-Paris Fellowship for International Students, France

The Institute for Advanced Study – Paris (IAS-Paris) invites you to submit applications for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 academic years for five- or nine-month residencies. Longer stays (i.e. nine months) are given priority for 2013-2014. IAS-Paris is planning to host about fifteen guest researchers for 2012-2013 and about twenty-five guest researchers for 2013-2014 to work on research projects of their choice. High-level international researchers in the humanities and social sciences (HSS) • Postdoctoral researchers that hold a position in a university or research centre (having held a doctorate for at least three years, plus a minimum three…

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2012 Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) for Developing Countries, Netherlands

countries on the NFP country list valid at the time of application (see annex 4); – be nominated by his or her employer, who pledges to continue paying the candidate’s salary and guarantees the candidate will be able to return to the same or an equivalent position at the end of the fellowship period2; – have been unconditionally admitted by a Dutch institution to one of the master’s degree programmes on the course list 2012- 2013. This means that the candidate must have met all the requirements set by the Dutch institution (see 2.2); – not already have received an…

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