kulika scholarship in uganda

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2012 Curtin Engineering Merit International Scholarship, Australia

The Scholarship will provide 25% of the tuition fees per annum for the normal remaining expected duration of the degree. Two scholarships will be awarded in each of the areas of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Software Engineering and WASM if there are candidates of sufficient merit. If the student has alread paid their fees for semester 2, 2012, they will receive a reimbursement of 25%. The Scholarship is available for the normal expected duration of the initial undergraduate course (including honours) offered to successful Scholarship recipients. For example, if the normal remaining duration is 700 credits of study,…

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2012 Academic Achievement Scholarship at AUC, Egypt

The achievement scholarship is granted to the top 25 percent of the degree-seeking new undergraduate students for a one-year period, which is revised annually. The scholarship amounts to 30 percent of the full tuition fees. Students will retain their achievement scholarship as long as they maintain a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.0 and a full-time status (a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester). Students who take remedial English courses (ELI) or Eng. 100 during the fall and/or spring semesters of the previous academic year will retain their achievement scholarship at the same level….

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2012 Asthma Foundation Queensland PhD Scholarship, Australia

research. 2 It is intended that the AFQ PhD Scholarship will provide salary and incidental support for a postgraduate student who is undertaking full-time research for a PhD in an area of research relevant to ASTHMA and linked conditions. 3 The awarded scholarship will be for one year in the first instance, but will be extended for a maximum of three years upon receipt of satisfactory half yearly progress reports. 4 To qualify, projects must be undertaken within Queensland at an institution approved by the Foundation eg a university, teaching hospital, research institute, etc. 5 Only applicants about to commence…

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MEAFA Top-Up PhD Research Scholarship at University of Sydney, Australia

The MEAFA scholarship is provided as a top-up to holders of full-time primary PhD scholarships providing a living allowance, for a maximum of 3 years with a potential extension of six months. The candidate must have an interest in working in financial analysis using advanced quantitative research methods in statistics, econometrics or operations management. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, market valuation of equity and debt, modeling of financial statement information, forecasting financial information, corporate restructuring transactions, credit analysis, information disclosures for capital markets, properties of earnings, audit fee modeling etc. The PhD student will…

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Bev Corless Memorial Scholarship at Curtin University, Australia 2012

The Bev Corless Memorial Scholarship is aimed specifically at women (currently undertaking Year 12) wishing to pursue a career in engineering in a discipline relevant to Alcoa. Indigenous women are encouraged to apply. The Scholarship has been implemented to recognise the contribution Bev Corless made to women in engineering through her work with Alcoa Australia and as a member of Engineers Australia and Engineering Technology Group. The Scholarship is aimed specifically at women wishing to pursue a career in engineering (with particular relevance to disciplines in operation at Alcoa) and to promote the integration of sustainability into engineering…

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