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MEAFA Top-Up PhD Research Scholarship at University of Sydney, Australia

The MEAFA scholarship is provided as a top-up to holders of full-time primary PhD scholarships providing a living allowance, for a maximum of 3 years with a potential extension of six months. The candidate must have an interest in working in financial analysis using advanced quantitative research methods in statistics, econometrics or operations management. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, market valuation of equity and debt, modeling of financial statement information, forecasting financial information, corporate restructuring transactions, credit analysis, information disclosures for capital markets, properties of earnings, audit fee modeling etc. The PhD student will…

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2012 Dr John Woolcott Scholarship at Edith Cowan University, Australia

Dr John Woolcott Scholarship honours the memory of Dr John Woolcott, former President of the Australian Public Health Association (WA) and Board Member of the National Safety Council of WA. The funds supporting this scholarship were developed in the 1970′s to provide students in the area of health science who were experiencing financial difficulties with assistance towards their studies. The Dr John Woolcott Scholarship is offered on the basis of academic merit and financial need to an undergraduate student in either the Bachelor of Health Sciences or Bachelor of Nursing. The scholarship will normally be valid for the…

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2012 UK Santander Postgraduate Management Scholarship at University of Sheffield, UK

There is one University of Sheffield Santander Postgraduate Management Scholarship 2012, available for a student starting their postgraduate degree in the Management School in September 2012. This scholarship will take the form of a £3,000 tuition fee reduction for one year only. For part-time students this will be split over the duration of the course. -To be eligible to receive a scholarship students must be self funded and classed as home fee paying plus be a national of, or permanently domiciled in the United Kingdom. -To be eligible you must apply for a study place by 22…

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2012 The Simon Williams Scholarship at Oxford Brookes University Business School, UK

distinct group of Business School alumni who will maintain their connection with the School and act as supporters and ambassadors on its behalf. The award of the scholarship will be conditional upon the student being accepted on to a course of postgraduate study at Oxford Brookes University Business School. Final year Oxford Brookes University Business School undergraduate students are eligible to apply This includes students studying at Nilai College (Malaysia), CCCU (Hong Kong), POU (Poland), IIMT (India) and IBS (Hungary) This scholarship can be held simultaneously with other scholarships and awards The scholarships will be announced annually…

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2012 IDB Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC)

The Programme was launched in 1404H (1983G), named The IDB Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC). The objective of the Programme is to improve the socio-economic conditions and to preserve the cultural and religious identities of Muslim Communities in Non-member Countries through developing their human capital resources. The Programme provides scholarship to the academically meritorious but financially needy young Muslim students to pursue undergraduate or first-degree study in professional courses. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student/applicant must be able to meet the following basic criteria: Age not over 24 years. Completed senior…

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