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2012 -2013 Exeter University Music Scholarship, UK

The Music Scholarship Programme is open to any student keen to continue their musical development while studying at Exeter.  As such, there are no set criteria for becoming a Scholar (we do not expect you to have attained a particular grade etc.); rather, we look for willingness and enthusiasm to get involved in the many musical opportunities available to you at the University.The University Music Scholarships are intended to support and enhance the practical standard of music-making in the University.  Therefore it is envisaged that the majority of instrumental or vocal scholarships will be spent on lessons with…

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2012-2013 IUPUI Competitive Freshman Scholarship for International Students, USA

IUPUI offers many scholarship opportunities for international students! , All scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 credit hours or more per semester) in the fall and spring semesters. If you take the SAT or ACT examination more than once, the highest scores will be used for scholarship consideration. Funds provided by these scholarships do not cover intensive English as a Second Language study. Highly competitive scholarship programs are for exceptional incoming freshmen who have achieved outstanding performance in a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, excellent SAT or ACT scores (for applicants for whom English is not their native language, TOEFL…

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2012-2013 Bannan Scholarship at College of Science & Engineering Seattle University, USA

for their benefactor, Thomas J. Bannan, a man with a long and devoted affiliation with Seattle University, and a leader in manufacturing, commerce, engineering and applied sciences both in Seattle and in Los Angeles. Bannan Scholars are upper-level students chosen on the basis of academic achievement and commitment to service to the campus and greater community. A Bannan scholarship is a merit award of $5,000 per year, and is in addition to any other financial aid received. To be considered for this scholarship, the candidate must meet the following requirements: 1. Have Junior or Senior standing in science and…

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USM School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) Graduate Scholarship, USA 2012-2013

Awards are based on a combination of academic merit, professional promise, financial need, and academic or professional recommendation. Preference is given to individuals who will be in an internship (minimum of at least three credits) that prohibits other employment. Scholarship applications are due March 1. The SEHD scholarship committee meets in mid-March to score applications and award funding to eligible applicants. Decision letters are mailed in early April if you are an accepted or matriculated student. Admission applicants will not receive a response until an admission decision has been made. Students are eligible to apply if they…

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2012-2013 Community Music Scholarship, USA

Community Music School is pleased to be able to offer this financial aid program. The Scholarship Fund is supported each year through a variety of fund raising activities and individual contributions. CMS has instituted a three year maximum for adult students (age 21+) beginning with scholarship awards during the 2011-2012 school year. Adult students receiving three consecutive years of scholarship support will not be eligible for an award in the fourth year….

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