indira gandhi scholarship for single girl child application form 2013 15

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First Class Scholarship for UK and EU Students at University of Birmingham, UK

eligible for it in subsequent years. -Students in receipt of scholarships from organisations other than the University of Birmingham are also eligible for this award. -There is no special application process for the Scholarship.  Awards will be made automatically to all eligible UK and EU students admitted to the School of Civil Engineering in September 2012. -The University’s decision as to whether a qualification is equivalent to AAA or above at A-level is final. -Conditions are subject to change.  Awards are made to candidates who meet the terms and conditions current at the time of entry to the University….

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Call for Application for 9 Scholarships to the Graduate School in Public Economics-Defap at University of Cattolica, Italy

awarded in Italy under the education system before Ministerial Decree no. 509 of 3 November 1999, inclusive of subsequent additions or modifications thereto, or a recognised equivalent foreign qualification. -Italian candidates, candidates from other EU countries and candidates from outside the EU in possession of a foreign academic title that has not already been declared equivalent to a second-level degree in Italy will have to apply for equivalency for it to be accepted for the purpose of admission to the public competition. Appropriate documentation should be submitted with applications so that the Management Committee can decide on equivalency….

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L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Postgraduate Scholarship, Canada

program for girls in science delivered by Actua, a national charity and supported by L’Oréal Canada Inc. -have been awarded a NSERC PGS (Postgraduate Scholarship), NSERC CGS (Canada Graduate Scholarship) or a Vanier CGS (Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship) for the 2011-2012 or the 2012-2013 academic year; -be a recipient of an active NSERC Scholarship; -be willing to dedicate to the mentorship program three (3) days of the year during which the award is held; -have obtained the support of their supervisor; -be entering or currently enrolled in a doctoral program; – be involved or will be involved in a…

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Drolor Scholarship Scheme at University of Professional Studies in Ghana, 2016

The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) is inviting applications for Drolor Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship is open to qualified candidates from the Shai and other Dangbe Traditional Area (Ghana) to pursue undergraduate studies. The Scheme is in line with the mission of UPSA to provide and promote Quality High Academic and Professional Education in Business and related disciplines by leveraging a structured mix of scholarship with professionalism. The University of Professional Studies is located in Accra, Ghana. The University of Professional Studies, Accra is a public university that provides both academic and business professional education in Ghana. Scholarship can…

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MAS Finance Scholarship Programme (FSP) for Masters Programme commencing in Fall (September/October), Singapore

The Finance Scholarship Programme (FSP) is one of the manpower development initiatives supported by grants administered by the MAS. The Finance Scholarship Programme comprise of 2 tracks: 1. Company-Sponsored Track – where MAS co-funds with a Singapore-based financial institution to send its staff for postgraduate studies in top Masters programmes. 2. Individual Track – where MAS co-funds with individual applicants, the cost of postgraduate studies in top Masters programmes. For Individuals: The FSP is open for applications twice every year, from November to January (application deadline: end…

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