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KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award, 2012-2013

New this year will be the addition of a Student Cinematography Scholarship Award, in addition to a Student Scholarship Award. Each award will include a cash tuition prize along with KODAK Film Product grants to assist recipients with future projects. Participating worldwide colleges and universities that offer a degree or diploma program in film, film production, or cinematography may nominate up to two students each year for consideration for the KODAK Student Scholarship Award and one cinematography student each year for consideration for the KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award. The cinematography student nominee may also be nominated for…

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Nitori International Scholarship for Undergraduates and Graduates, Japan 2012

Nitori International Scholarship was established in march with a monetary donation from akiko NITORI the director of the foundation. The main aim is to help international students from the Asian countries to grant them scholarship to study in Japan so that they can fulfil their dreams to study at Japan Universities to set up mutual friendship between Asian countries and to cultivate the human resource. – A student from the world over with non-Japanese nationality who is self-supporting and residing in Japan. – A student currently is enrolled in a Japanese university as an undergraduate or a…

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2012/13 New/Transfer International Student Tuition Waiver Scholarship at Boise State University, USA

The International Student Program Waiver is a tuition assistance program for outstanding international students who demonstrate academic achievement and a commitment to being a successful international student at Boise State University. The scholarship waives the non-resident portion of Boise State University tuition. You are still responsible for in-state fees (currently $2,783 for the 2012 Spring semester). You may qualify to have your Waiver renewed for up to 4 years, so long as you continue to make reasonable progress towards a degree and you meet the criteria for renewal. Responses to the questions should reflect a level of critical…

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2012 PhD Student Position in Physics within the Disciplines of Biophysics, Sweden

The PhD student will work in an interdisciplinary project with responsibility for the development of simple and user-friendly microfluidic sorting mechanisms for cells based on morphology and deformability with application in oncology and parasitology. The work is primarily of experimental nature with focus on microfabrication, design of sorting devices, and application of the results on biomedically and clinically relevant questions. However, it also includes modeling using fluidics simulation tools. Furthermore, the PhD student will be responsible for maintaining the model systems used, i.e. relevant cell lines and parasites. The PhD student will work in close collaboration with national…

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2012 PhD Student in Nanostructure Physics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

A PhD student position is announced at the Department of Applied Physics, School of Engineering Sciences, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. We are looking for an outstanding student who is interested in working at the forefront of experimental physics and applied mathematics in Nanoscale science and engineering. The student will work towards a PhD thesis on the development of new forms of multifrequency atomic force microscopy. The project will be carried out together with a team, and will involve measurement with an atomic force microscope, theoretical model building, using and designing specialized signal processing electronics,…

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