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2012 Kodak Radiology Fund Scholarship at the Royal College of Radiologists, UK

Applications are invited from Members and Fellows of the Faculty of Clinical Radiology of the Royal College of Radiologists for a Scholarship of up to £20,000, financed by the Kodak Radiology Fund established from money generously donated by Kodak Limited. The Scholarship is open to clinical radiologists holding appointments of any grade in the United Kingdom. The Scholarship is intended for a research or educational project in the United Kingdom or abroad and may be used to assist the undertaking of an MD. Due note will be taken of other sources of funding obtained by applicants. At the…

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The Elspeth Hardie Music Scholarship at University of Aberdeen, 2012 UK

One scholarship will be awarded to a student with musical talent (piano or keyboard) entering the University for full-time undergraduate studies. The scholarship will offer £670 per annum to a gifted student of Music specialising in either the piano or keyboard. This scholarship, valued at £670 per annum, will be awarded for the four year duration of the undergraduate degree. The scholarship will be dispersed in two equal parts, one at the end beginning of December and the other, pending satisfactory progress, at the beginning of the second half session in February. -To be considered for the scholarships…

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The F D Ellis MBA Scholarship at Durham Business School , 2012 UK

The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the panel, is thought best able to contribute to and benefit from completing the full-time Durham MBA.The Scholarship covers Full-Time MBA Programme fees only; all other expenses, such as travel and accommodation, shall remain the responsibility of the successful applicant .The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the panel, is thought best able to contribute to and benefit from completing the Durham MBA. -Ensure that your signed and completed scholarship application reaches the School by the deadline of 17…

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The Beit Trust Scholarship for Postgraduate Students from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe to Study Abroad, 2012

the University of Reading, known as the Beit-Reading Scholarship (BRG); and at Rhodes University, known as the Beit-Rhodes Scholarship (BRU). BL Scholarship expenses are shared equally between The Beit Trust and the University of Leeds, which undertakes the administration. BRG Scholarship expenses are shared between The Beit Trust and the University of Reading, which again undertakes the administration. Some BRU Scholarship expenses are met by Rhodes University, but the Beit Trust handles the administration. There is no academic difference between these shared scholarships and fully-funded scholarships. Many Beit Scholars choose these popular Africa-friendly universities where shared costs permit more scholarships…

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KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award, 2012-2013

New this year will be the addition of a Student Cinematography Scholarship Award, in addition to a Student Scholarship Award. Each award will include a cash tuition prize along with KODAK Film Product grants to assist recipients with future projects. Participating worldwide colleges and universities that offer a degree or diploma program in film, film production, or cinematography may nominate up to two students each year for consideration for the KODAK Student Scholarship Award and one cinematography student each year for consideration for the KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award. The cinematography student nominee may also be nominated for…

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