bihar scholarship status 2012 13

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Muslim Girls Scholarship (Paloli Committee Scholarship) – DCE Scholarship Kerela, India 2012

The Government of Kerala has introduced various scholarships awarded to meritorious students of outstanding performance in the education sector as well as to the students of socially and economically backward categories. The Higher Education Department of Government of Kerala is entrusted with the responsibility of selection and disbursement of various scholarships to Higher Secondary, under Graduate and Post Graduate Streams. This project envisages the development and implementation of a web-enabled scholarship management system to facilitate the Directorate of Collegiate education for an efficient, foolproof system for the selection of the students and also do the disbursements. The System…

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2012 International Scholarship at Bangor University, UK

All applications received on or before the 1st June 2012 will be automatically considered for a scholarship of up to £1,000. The scholarship will continue each year throughout the undergraduate programme subject to students achieving the required grades. Applicants are NOT required to complete a separate scholarship application form for the International Scholarship. -Successful candidates who have applied to study at Bangor University before the 1st June 2012 will be eligible for the International Scholarship. -The International Scholarship will apply to undergraduate students beginning their courses in September 2012. -Students who receive other types of scholarships from…

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Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship at University of Edinburgh, UK 2012

The Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship is awarded to a student from outside the UK so as to enhance the international nature of the programme. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the benefits to the student. Each scholarship will be worth £5,000.Applicants should submit a 1,000 word essay, explaining why they feel they should be awarded a scholarship, and how the scholarship will benefit them. This essay should accompany their application for the MBA programme. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the benefits to the student. The…

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2012 OFID Scholarship for Master’s Applicants from Developing Countries, Austria

OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) is pleased to announce that qualified applicants who have obtained or are on the verge of completing their undergraduate degree and who wish to study for a Master’s degree are welcome to apply for the OFID Scholarship 2012. The OFID Scholarship will be awarded to support two students or candidates for Master’s degree studies. The applicant may be from any developing country, and he/she must first obtain admission to pursue a Master’s (graduate) degree in any recognized university/college in the world. The Scholarship is open to those students who wish to…

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2012 Action Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate at Syracuse University, USA

to 11 upper-class students selected to receive a $6,000 scholarship. Juniors will be awarded two years, and seniors for one year. Three of the recipients will be from The College of Arts and Sciences. The remaining eight undergraduate schools and colleges will receive one scholarship each To be eligible students must have: -Entered the University without a merit scholarship from SU – Completed two years of study at SU and achieved junior status during the first semester of the scholarship – Earned an overall grade point average of 3.0 -Demonstrated scholarship in action in their time at SU…

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